TakingStock – Between the covers.

Now we’ve heard of getting the old body language sorted when out attracting the opposite sex but, while slouching at the news desk, TS was stunned to discover there is an effective way to use body language to enhance a career.

Bodytalk at Work by Judi James is a back-breaking treasure chest of posing advice and clearly explains why some of us remain writing for the back page.

TS will in future keep feet off the news desk and stop chewing fingernails on press days. Mind you management is not immune. The boardroom is a minefield, according to James, who warns of getting your power seating all wrong. However there are heavenly tips on how to acquire a ‘God-like aura’ which will hopefully put TS on the celestial path to promotion before long. Well worth #14.99 to acquire the office poser’s bible. ?:

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