Sage offers Revenue e-help

The company has expressed a desire to meet with the agency following the results of the fourth Sage/Accountancy Age IT Skills Survey, which found a staggering 55% of accountants questioned said they had no confidence in the taxman delivering services electronically.

Sage argues that with the expertise readily available in the industry, consultation is crucial to iron out or reduce the risk of further high profile disasters.

Jerry Luckett, general manager of Sage’s accountants division, said: ‘It is vital that the Revenue works closely with the industry to ensure they and their clients feel confident to deliver services.’

The Revenue’s online tax return website is suspended after users reported seeing information from other taxpayers on the site.

But to compound the problems 67% of accountants said they were unlikely to take advantage of electronically delivered services, with 23% undecided.

A spokeswoman for the Revenue said the agency continues to consult with the industry, although it had not engaged in talks with Sage to date.

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