Resurgence in software sales.

Encouragingly, according to BASDA, some 67% of BASDA members also showed an overall increase in business over 2000.

There was a significant resurgence in sales in the last few months of 2001 with 62% of members showing growth over the previous quarter and 71% showing their pipeline continuing to grow. ‘Internet/e-commerce continues to be a difficult area,’ however, continued Dennis Keeling, BASDA chief executive.

‘Unfortunately the casualties are marketplaces and e-procurement, as customers try to find a common way forward. Websites and the supply chain are still generating good sales and greater interest is being shown in BASDA’s open messaging standard eBIS-XML.’

He added: ‘These results are excellent news for our industry, especially with the major customer events planned over the next few months. We should look forward with confidence that customers are starting to upgrade their ineffective systems.’

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