Ward fights back over district societies

Ward and secretary general John Collier this week met with Heady and other campaigners to try and avert the action, which has arised over institute plans to reform its district societies.

Following the meeting, however, Ward and Collier were unable to announce that they had dissuaded Heady from pressing ahead. Last week Accountancy Age revealed Heady had managed to collect the necessary member signatures to force an egm. So far he has not yet lodged a requisition calling for the meeting, but has said he will do so in time for it to be held in July.

But Ward said: ‘Simply by lodging ten signatories back in February Don could have ensured that the issue was discussed at this year’s Annual General Meeting.

‘The estimated cost to our members of staging the EGM as a stand-alone event could be up to Pounds 100,000. This is money I would much rather spend on services for our members.’

‘I met with Don Heady to tell him that his fears concerning our regional plans are unfounded, and are not shared by Council or by those most active in the district society network,’ he said.

‘I would urge those members who signed the requisition, often many months ago, to speak with their district society office holders to establish their views, and the level of involvement they had in shaping plans for our future.

‘If members feel reassured by what they hear, I hope that they will indicate to Don Heady that he can no longer count on their support,’ he added.

Heady believes that the changes to the district society structure are so fundamental that all members should have the chance to consider and discuss the proposals. ICAEW plans would see an end to the infrastructure supporting the 22 district societies, replacing it with ten regional bodies.

Earlier this week the South Essex District Society’s council representative Elaine Oddie announced she would stand down indicating the controversy was partly to blame for the move.


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