Former paymaster general denies chief accountant claims of impropriety at TransTec

In a statement, he said that there ‘had been no impropriety’ in the way the company applied for grants, which were available to TransTec during the 1980s to fund research and development work.

Ayriss said that although there had been no fraud involved, he had been ‘unhappy’ with the way applications were made, and when he left the company, kept papers to support his claims in case he was ever asked to explain himself.

The former chief accountant came forward because he said he was afraid of being investigated for his role in the now collapsed group which is currently being administed by Arther Andersen in the firm’s role as receiver.

Robinson also denied that he had been aware of a £12m claim lodged by Ford against the company, which led to TransTec’s downfall in December.

Former finance chief fuels flames over TransTec

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