Holiday blues for a third of FDs.

One in three finance directors will not take their full holiday allowance this year due to the pressure of work, according to this week’s Accountancy Age/Reed Personnel Big Question survey. The findings show that calls for professionals to manage their work/life balances are falling on deaf ears for a significant portion of the profession. ‘It’s time pressure. I always have the intention to take holiday, but it never works out like that,’ said one. ‘Doubt it. I am far too overworked,’ said another. But, of more than 200 FDs polled, 65% said they would be taking their full allowance. ‘There is a reason that we have holidays and that is because we all need to recharge our batteries,’ said one. Those holidaying on the Mediterranean coast this week are enjoying – or, in some cases, enduring – sizzling temperatures. Beaches near Athens this week, pictured above, were crowded as temperatures hit 42 degrees celcius in a freak heatwave. Some FDs said they would only be able take their holiday leave by working weekends and evenings. ‘I take all my holiday. I manage to do this by taking work home,’ said one. Careers survey

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