Taking Stock – ACCA members believe in miracles.

We at TS believe members of ACCA should be expecting their institute to perform miracles, following the revelation that it shares its name with a seventh century Catholic Saint.

From now on TS would like the institute chief executive Anthea Rose to walk on water (some would suggest she already does) – not to mention turning water into wine.

It turns out St Acca was born in Northumbria in 660AD and went on to become the Bishop of Hexham. He was famed for his theological learning and his encouragement of students, but was unfortunately driven from his dioceses in 732, before returning to Hexham where he died in 742, where he was at once revered as a Saint.

TS is not clear exactly why Acca was made a Saint, but it is understood the accounts of his miracles were drawn up by St Aelred and Simeon of Durham.

Of course if the institute were to offer its students a reduction on their next year’s membership fee and to declare its love of CIMA and the English ICA – then members really would be able to say miracles do happen.

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