IT File – Systems Union to offer euro trio

Systems Union last week set out its plans for the medium-sized financial software market. The company detailed not one, but three separate responses to the euro challenge.

The options range from an overnight conversion to the euro to using the euro as a transaction currency.

SunSystems version 4.2.5, which is immediately available, allows users to handle triangulation – the conversion of one European currency to another via the euro.

The ability to run a dual-based euro accounting system – using the euro as the base currency and reporting in the national currency – is due to be available in the last quarter of 1998. This will be when Systems Union will ship its new three-level client server, SunSystems version 5. The euro starts its firstwave adoption on 1 January 1999.

‘If version 4.2.5 was just for the euro our work would not be worthwhile,’ said Lindsay Gasser, international design manager for Systems Union. ‘But the majority of our medium-sized clients deal in multiple currencies. If you’re selling to a high inflation country, such as Russia, it makes sense to run a stable currency alongside the local currency in your accounts,’ she added.

But in a highly unorthodox move, the company has been forced to go back and update its current version. ‘Our research has shown that a large part of our users are using 4.1.7 and aren’t ready for a rapid transition.

When it comes to converting to the euro, most would rather wait until the year 2000,’ said Grasser.

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