Tory group wants Cameron’s tax cut strategy revised

Tory leader David Cameron has been urged to ease back on spending plans so
the party can go into the next election with a strong set of tax cuts.

A group of Conservative supporters want Cameron and shadow chancellor George
Osborne to move away from trying to match or beat Labour spending plans in the
current uncertain economic climate, so they have leeway to announce tax cuts,
Daily Telegraph

Activists’ website
is organising the campaign, and is also backed by the
Taxpayers’ Alliance

Tory MP and Treasury Select Committee vice chairman Michael Fallon backed the
call for lower public spending.

Tim Montgomerie, the editor of ConservativeHome, said: ‘If George Osborne is
unwilling to reduce the speed at which Labour’s state is growing, there will be
no room to reduce council tax – the nation’s most unpopular tax.’

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