Employees pose greater threat than terrorists

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According to the poll of 877 IT managers across the US and European, almost half of saw human error as a threat to the security of their business.

Only a quarter cited the threat of terrorism as a significant danger.

The study, commissioned by data storage firm Veritas, found a third of firms felt the company’s disaster recovery plans were exposed to the threat of accidental employee error, while 18% felt that malicious human behaviour was a significant threat.

Three in five respondents said hardware failure was a major concern and 59% said software failure and viruses were a significant threat.

The research found major variations in attitude across Europe – French, English and Spanish IT managers felt more exposed to technology related issues such as viruses whereas Belguim, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Italy are more concerned about the threat of natural disasters such as fire and flood.

Lindsey Armstrong, Veritas’ EMEA senior vice president said in a statement: ‘What is surprising about this research is the fact that despite the recent obsessive concern with the threat of international terrorism, technology related threats and potential human errors are still far more in the forefront of people’s minds.’

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