10 Years of MC

October 1989:

PA Consulting announces a surge of new business taking total billings to over #25m.

July/August 1990:

Saatchi & Saatchi has nearly completed the sell off of its management consultancy business thanks to a continued acquisition spree at Bain.

January 1991:

The consultancy arms of accountancy firms should not be allowed to work for clients who are audited by staff from the same firm, according to a leaked Labour consultation document.

May 1992:

Outgoing audit commission controller Howard Davies has slammed a number of consultancy reports for local authorities as being nothing more than “hot air”.

January 1993:

Wessex Regional Health Authority was advised not to take legal action against Andersen Consulting and IBM over a #4.4m contract.

April 1994:

CMG confirmed that it is on course for flotation in the spring of 1995.

June 1995:

Computer Sciences is to snap up the consulting and software business of Lucas Industries.

April 1996:

Management Consultancies Association members recorded revenues of #1.25bn for 1995, a rise of 15 percent.

January 1997:

Alan Reid became new president of the MCA.

April 1998:

Fees earned by the UK’s management consultancies broke the #2bn barrier for the first time.

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