Mayor’s aide failed to declare position

Lee Jasper, the mayor of London Ken Livingstone’s adviser on police and
equalities, failed to disclose he his appointment as chairman of
Equanomics UK last
September after Livingstone requested it receive £15,000 in taxpayers’ cash.

London Authority
documents show £45,000 was set aside to hold a seminar on
increased registration of ethnic minority communities, which was signed off by
the mayor, and £15,000 of this was given to the race-equality organisation to
pay for an event on August 22 at Westminster City Hall where Jesse Jackson and
Jasper addressed more than 2,000 people, according to The Times.

After documents obtained by the newspaper revealed Jasper had failed to
declare his position as head of the race-equality organisation, Livingstone’s
allies have concede privately Jasper broke the rules.

But a spokesman for Livingstone and Jasper said that, when the mayor signed
off on the £45,000 funding in April, Jasper was not the chair of Equanomics and
no money had been paid to Equanomics since Jasper became chair.

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