Myners dragged into Tesco-Guardian row

Paul Myners, the chairman of the Guardian Media Group, has been dragged into
the libel row between the paper and Tesco over its offshore tax structures.

Alleged conversations between Myners and Tesco chairman David Reid are
included in a writ filed by the supermarket at the High Court,
Telegraph reported

The writ also makes clear the supermarket is seeking ‘special damages’ over
the Guardian’s claims, and details customer complaints about the supermarket
giant’s tax strategies.

Reid, the writ says, allegedly contacted Myners to ‘communicate his grave
concerns about the proposed article’.

The move suggests that Myners and Reid could be called as witnesses if the
case comes to court.

The Guardian had claimed that Tesco had avoided huge sums in corporation tax
through an offshore structure, a claim the supermarket group denies. It says the
moves were stamp duty-saving measures, and saved far less in tax than the paper

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