SunGard creates private cloud for users

Data management company SunGard is creating an online service which will
allow the end user to host their own private section in the cloud.

SunGard-as-a-Service will be rolled out to users later this year and is to be
adopted by company’s sister business SunGard Financial Systems this year.

The new offering will allow users the flexibility to adapt the service to
suit their specific requirements as well as giving them the option to keep some
parts of their data in-house and some available on the internet.

Keith Tilley, managing director UK and executive vice president Europe for
SunGard Availability Services, said: “We can help our customers put the right
cloud strategy in place, selecting which applications should be put into the
cloud and which should remain in-house, and then provide them with a robust and
secure managed IT infrastructure.”

“CIOs continue to voice concerns over the levels of resilience, data
protection and security the cloud can offer. The private cloud technology
underpinning SunGard-as-a-Service addresses these concerns directly,” added Mr.

The new offering consists of five components: connectivity, security, load
balancing, computer power and managed tiered storage.

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