Deloitte Consulting in elearning deal

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The deal give Deloitte Consulting’s 15,000 employees worldwide access to 3,000 online training courses to including technical certification for Microsoft, Cisco and Lotus qualifications.

Candy Haynes, associate chief learning officer at Deloitte Consulting in the US told VNU News Net: ‘We do not restrict access to training because we want to give staff a chance to reskill in areas they want. I don’t know if we can correlate investments in elearning to staff recruitment and retention but I do think this makes a big difference.’

David Dun, learning director for Deloitte in Europe, said the deal had already boosted the proportion of elearning to 65% of total training delivered in Europe. ‘We service a very diverse group. There will always be cultural issues, but generally people are very comfortable with it.’

And although use of elearning has, until now, been predominantly technology oriented, Haynes said the focus would shift towards softer skills including leadership, sales and management training. A range of mentoring skills courses from Provant will be offered to staff in the summer.

The perpetual license deal means that Deloitte Consulting will own all of the content by the end of 2007. ‘Past 2007 our annual expenditure will drop to between 10 and 20% of what we were spending prior to the contract,’ Haynes said.

‘Cost reduction is important, but it’s about giving people the grounding using elearning.’ The company now insists on elearning as a prerequisite for classroom based training courses as a means to encourage participation.

The Smartforce content is managed using a Saba Learning Management System.

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