Business – MCC appoints member as FD

Lewis was previously director and general manager of market research company RS Consulting. He is an avid cricket fan and has been a member of MCC for over 20 years. He was also the founder treasurer of the Middlesex Cricket League.

In June, MCC secretary and former Surrey captain Roger Knight encouraged women to apply for the vacancy and said there was no reason a woman should not get the job, despite the club’s celebrated rule that women are banned from certain parts of its Lords ground on match days (Accountancy Age, 25 June).

As FD, Lewis will have a seat on the senior management team and is also head of estates and administration, but will have no involvement in the playing side of the club.

‘If one loves cricket and is a chartered accountant, then this must be one of the best jobs around,’ Lewis said. ‘We have got to complete quite a large amount of the work which we are doing, including the new media centre which must be ready for the World Cup next year. We also have a rolling programme of improvements and enhancements.’

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