Baker Tilly launches new US firm

Baker Tilly International is to combine 22 mid-sized US firms to create a
single Baker Tilly USA firm.

US chairman,
, also the chairman and chief executive of member firm Parente
Randolph, said that an official announcement won’t be released until later this

Ciaruffoli also serves on the International Board of Baker Tilly
International, a global affiliation of 128 member firms in 85 countries.

Baker Tilly International is
already an affiliation of 122 member firms in 75 countries, providing accounting
and business services.

In its new 22-firm form, Baker Tilly could be formidable enough to begin to
compete with the Big Four in the US. 

Besides allowing members to take advantage of brand recognition, share
knowledge and best practices with other member firms, umbrella organisations
such as Baker Tilly can also allow firms to compete for work without necessarily
needing a national footprint.

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