PwC sees heavy burden for CEOs

Chief executives operating in the current business environmnet are expected
to take on the roles of guide, interpreter and visionary in order to lead
successfully, PwC has said following a series
of candid interviews with business leaders to celebrate the 10th anniversary of
CEO Survey

According to PwC, the following actions were identified as key to success:

• Capture data from every source, both internal and external. Draw on the
knowledge of your front-line staff and get it fresh to the boardroom table

• Dedicate specific resources to the analysis of internal and external data
sources with a view to understanding their implications for your firm

• Develop your own ‘filter’ which sifts the relevant data from the less
relevant, and use third parties inside and outside the company to shape or
validate your conclusions

• Rethink your decision-making processes – and question whether in your
sector, you are keeping up with pace of change in your industry

• Encourage a culture – at all levels of the organisation – which accepts
change as inevitable and which offers incentives to the ‘risk-takers’

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