Pru defeated in £105m swaps appeal

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Giant life insurer Prudential has lost its appeal to claim a £105m tax
deduction generated from instruments known as a tax-efficient off-market swaps

Special commissioners Sir Stephen Oliver and Theodore Wallace turned down the
Pru’s appeal against a closure notice against the deduction by HM Revenue &

The decision is set to have major repercussions for several other
mega-companies which also bought similar products before they were blocked by

Speaking to parliament in 2004, HMRC director general Dave Hartnett estimated
that the schemes had cost the Exchequer as much as £1bn. Hartnett said TOMS had
been marketed to 30 multi-nationals and large corporates.

TOMS schemes exploited a gap in legislation that allowed companies to claim
the premium paid on foreign exchange against tax. The special commissioners
ruled that this should not have been allowed.

Prudential bought the scheme from Ernst & Young as a way of utilising
‘idle funds’, the decision revealed.

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