Scottish tax plan branded ‘pie in the sky’

Scottish nationalist plans to introduce a local income tax have been branded
‘pie in the sky’ by the taxman.

Officials at the taxman have said the plan – entailing replacing council tax
with a local income tax levy of up to 3p in the pound – is ‘pie in the sky’,
according to

The paper quoted an HMRC spokesman saying officially: ‘Scottish local
government finance is a wholly devolved matter, collected by the local
authorities. HMRC has not been involved in the preparation of any proposals by
the devolved administration.’

But HMRC officials privately took a different view, according to the paper:
‘This is pie in the sky. The logistical arrangements for collecting this tax
would be incredible. Introducing changes to the personal allowance in September
took months and months and this could take even longer,’ one senior source was
quoted saying.

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