Accountants sought to help in Kosovo

The UN – working alongside the Local Government Association and the Local Government International Bureau – has already asked the UK government to establish a fund to help rebuild local administration in the war-torn Serbian province.

It is also seeking senior council officers to take six-month secondments in Kosovo as soon as possible. Accounting and finance staff are among those needed most to help prepare and monitor implementation of local budgets.

‘Councils in the UK have a strong record of sharing technical knowledge to rebuild local infrastructure and promote democracy and would use this experience to work in partnership with Kosovars on the ground,’ said Colin Roberts, the LGIB’s representative to the Council of Europe.

Now military action has ended, the UN has established an interim civic administration in Kosovo. Whitehall has asked the LGIB to co-ordinate the appointment of potential UK staff and has pledged to reimburse councils for the salary costs of those staff are chosen for the secondments.

The scheme’s UK co-ordinator James Beadle said: ‘We are looking for people used to policy planning and management and who have experience of public finances. We have had seven positive responses from serving chief executives and former chief executives – people who have the policy and management expertise.’

For further information contact James Beadle on 0171 664 3118.

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