Netsky.C worm spreads across the globe

Link: Netsky.b worm spreading fast

W32/Netsky-C is a worm which spreads via shared networks and by emailing itself to addresses found within files located on drives C: to Z on compromised computers, antivirus firm Sophos warned.

When executed, Netsky-C emails itself out as an attachment with a randomly chosen filename. The worm spreads through email by using addresses it collects from files with certain file extensions.

Security firm McAfee’s AVERT division warns the worm also tries to spread through P2P applications that use shared folder names containing the words share or sharing.

Antivirus company Central Command noted that initial indications of the worm’s spread show that it ‘has the potential to be another major outbreak’, with over 1500 infections reported in fewer than 40 minutes of first discovery.

Steven Sundermeier, Central Command vice president of products and services said in a statement: ‘Netsky.C is the latest specimen out of the Netsky family of internet worms. Due to the fast spreading nature of mass mailing worms, Netsky.C will once again plague email users worldwide.’

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