IASB wins transparency award

A global accountability report has identified the international standard
setter as a ‘high performer’ in the transparency and evaluation rankings.

The report, published today by the One World Trust, credits the International
Accounting Standards Board for having the best developed external stakeholder
engagement capabilities amongst 30 of the world’s most powerful global

The organisation competed with other non-governmental organisation such as
Christian Aid, and was ranked first for evaluation and second for transparency.

The news may come as something of a surprise to critics of the body,
Publish What You Pay coalition
in particular, who have argued that the body
never listened to their concerns over the segmental reporting standard IFRS 8.

The 2007 Global Accountability Report is an annual assessment of the
capability of 30 of the world’s most powerful global organisations from the
intergovernmental, non-governmental and corporate sectors to be accountable to
civil society, affected communities, and the wider public.

Rob Lloyd, lead author of the 2007 Global Accountability Report, said the
IASB has developed procedures that bring transparency, predictability and
consistency to the way its key constituencies are involved in its activities and
should be congratulated on its achievements.

‘We would like to see more global organisations doing the same,’ said Lloyd.

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