Exchequer Software fills gap

The Pegasus Senior accountancy package will be discontinued next year – while future developments on its MPower package are on hold.

Changes affecting accounting products are being introduced following’s acquisition of Pegasus and £32m takeover of Systems Union in February.

It was feared some customers would suffer as a result of some of the changes, but Bournemouth-based Exchequer Software has teamed up with its group of resellers to offer Pegasus customers its own Enterprise system for up to 50% less than the suggested price until October.

It is understood more than 70% of Exchequer’s channel partners who resell MPower, Opera and Senior, among other products, have already been approached by existing Pegasus customers.

Freecom is looking to consolidate its offerings next year, and users fear they may be left without technical support or an upgrade path.

Research and development of Pegasus products will be postponed to allow Freecom to concentrate on Systems Union’s new SunSystems offering.

‘Pegasus SME customers are being abandoned to allow Systems Union to gain from the higher-end accountancy market. This is a clear case of rating profit above customer needs,’ said Rob Steele, a spokesman for Exchequer.

‘We want to offer these customers an alternative and a chance to improve the way they work.’

Exchequer’s Enterprise 32-bit Windows package was one of the first four accountancy packages to be certified as eBIS-XML compliant – an internet language standard – by BASDA.

The move comes as recently confirmed it is to change its name to the Systems Union Group, following the move receiving support at its egm last month.

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