CIPFA expels member after lottery black hole found

A CIPFA member has been booted out of the institute after a £30,000 black
hole was uncovered in a local lottery fund under his control.

Peter Nisbet was the treasurer for the Clackmannanshire Falkirk and Stirling
Local Authorities Employee Lottery, but serious irregularities were highlighted
by the internal audit function of its overseer.

Between January 2002 and December 2004, CIPFA said £33,000 in cash was
withdrawn from the association’s account by Nisbet or with his authority, but
auditors from the lottery’s registration authority found that receipts for only
£2,500 had been submitted.

In expelling Nisbet, CIPFA found that he had failed to prepare adequate
annual accounts, failed to keep financial records and failed to account for cash

CIPFA stressed that there was no allegation of dishonesty against him to
suggest he had taken the money himself, but a failure to properly account for
the cash distribution was a serious lapse.

This was not denied by Nisbet, who has also been the subject of a police

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