IT managers to oursource service functions

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IT managers are looking to outsource infrastructure management and focus more on IT strategy, according to a survey.

Three-quarters of the 700 managers surveyed would like to outsource some IT, according the annual Pressure Point Index from IT services company Synstar.

This is in contrast to last year’s survey which had 35% of respondents listing outsourcing as the greatest threat to their job.

This year more than half of IT managers cited infrastructure maintenance as the main candidate for outsourcing, followed by user support (27%) and staff management (7%).

The change of heart appears to be driven by an improved relationship with the board, and 90% of managers said they want to spend less time troubleshooting and more time delivering strategic value to the company.

Almost two thirds said they approach the board with strategic advice, and 30% said the board approaches them directly for consultation. Almost one in five discuss IT issues with the board on a weekly basis, and 35% have monthly meetings.

But few respondents felt adequately prepared for their new strategic role. Although 28% of IT managers are less worried than before about keeping up with new technologies, 82% want more business focused training in order to prepare them for their increasing strategic responsibilities.

Russell Flower, director of strategy at Synstar, said the results showed a maturing of attitudes towards use of IT resources, but he warned that IT managers must make sure that they do not return to their operational roles when the pressure increases.

‘By doing so, they could break their newly established bonds with their boards and lose the chance to add value and increase their importance within the organisation,’ Flower said.

‘Most senior executives have begun to understand the importance of IT for delivering business benefits. With the increase in corporate governance across Europe the board will be turning more and more to IT managers to ensure that the right measures and systems are in place to keep businesses safe.’

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