Mills concerned over ‘lack of clarity’

Mills blamed ‘lack of clarity of guidance available to both taxpayers and officials’ for the 30% of Revenue cases upheld by the Adjudicator’s Office during the last tax year. That figure was 64% in 1993.

Meanwhile cases against Customs & Excise fell from 54% in 1996 to 31% during 1999/2000.

The parliamentary ombudsman Michael Buckley received 134 complaints against the Inland Revenue during the last tax year and launched 22 full investigations resulting in reports.He received 23 complaints against Customs & Excise and conducted six full-scale probes.

In her first annual report since taking over the job, Dame Barbara said: ‘The expansion of the Inland Revenue’s work into such areas as tax credits and national minimum wage will bring them into contact with sectors of the community with whom they have previously had little dealings.

‘The Adjudicator’s Office is working closely with Inland Revenue to ensure they establish good complaints procedures.’

Tax organisations given a cautious thumbs up by Mills

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