Baker Tilly unleashes stinging criticism of Labour government ahead of next month’s Budget

The firm has unveiled the results of a survey of businesses which concludes that they are suffering under New Labour throughout all regions and industry sectors.

The firm said: ‘When asked ‘Has the tax burden gone up or down since Labour came to power?’, the response was an overwhelming ‘Yes’.’

The worst-hit sectors which were most vehement in their affirmative response included hotels / catering at 100%,construction at 85% andfinance at 83%.

Clive Parritt, the firm’s chairman, said: ‘It’s time this government woke up and realised that it is destroying the economy. The business tax burden has skyrocketed under New Labour and, unless Gordon Brown makes a radical policy U-turn in his March address, British businesses will continue to be crushed by spiralling taxes.

‘It’s time for the government to develop economic policies which encourage start-ups, which help small businesses grow, which reward entrepreneurialism and which foster second-generation owners and management. It’s time for the Government to ignore the spin-doctors and headlines and to create the foundation which will foster business growth and success.’

The survey was conducted among 200 owners, managing directors, finance directors and other senior managers of businesses with an annual turnover of over £1m.

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