US audit watchdog criticises KPMG in report

KPMG failed to adequately scrutinise the accounts of nine companies,
according to the US audit watchdog, accusing the Big Four firm of relying on
inadequate evidence to support its opinions.

America’s Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) accused the firm
of using inadequate evidence to support its audit opinions on pension plans and
securities valuations, reported.

`The degree of reliance the firm placed on controls at certain of the
business units was inappropriate in light of the control testing performed,’ the
PCAOB found in its report, completed earlier this month.

`At certain of the business units selected for testing, the firm failed to
test certain of the issuer’s assumptions.’

In response to the claims, KPMG said none of the issues identified by the
PCAOB required client companies to restate their financials and that
‘professional judgments’ are part of the audit process as they are with the
PCAOB’s inspection process.

The firm went on to say that its view often diverges with the PCAOB,
particularly when it came to, `the assessment of audit risk, the materiality of
particular issues…resulting conclusions, and/or required documentation’.

`We conducted a thorough review of the matters identified in the draft report
and addressed the engagement-specific findings,’ the firm said.

The PCAOB said it relied on a sample of audits in its investigation and the
identified deficiencies raised didn’t necessarily apply across a broad swath of
the firm’s audits.

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