PwC staffer loses ‘Challenge’ title

The BBC and Granada has disqualified Corpus Christi as winners of University
Challenge because one of the team members was not a student but working at
PricewaterhouseCoopers at the time of the final.

In a statement commenting that Sam Kay was ineligible to represent the
university, the media giants said:’Whilst obviously not intending to, Corpus
Christi broke this important rule where other universities and colleges taking
part adhered to it.’

‘We therefore find ourselves in the regrettable position of having no choice
but to disqualify Corpus Christi from the final. This means they forfeit their
hard-fought title which now goes to the Manchester University team.’

Kay said:’I had honestly believed I was eligible as I had indicated my
course dates when I applied. I can only apologise to the other competitors and
especially to my team as it was never my intention to mislead anyone.’

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