Your Practice: The sales process versus selling skills

Research has shown that the conversion rates from leads to new clients range from 30% to 70%. It is important, therefore, to consider how to improve conversion rates.

Send everybody on a selling skills course and that will solve everything. If only life were that simple! Unfortunately selling skills needed must be worked at and cannot simply be picked up on a course.

However, understanding the necessary practical steps needed to increase the chances of winning a client takes a few hours and they are relatively easy to implement. This is known as the Sales Process.

The skills for selling are numerous, but essentially a good salesman can turn almost any situation into his advantage by demonstrating a need for one of his products. Not everybody is a natural salesman and no amount of training will change that.

However, almost anybody can understand the sales process and I would suggest that it is relatively easy to implement the steps that should be taken.

In conclusion, therefore, when you are considering the need to improve your chances of winning a new client think ‘sales process’ first.

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