Eastern Europe – Institutes wind up outreach group

The Foundation for Accountancy and Financial Management is to close its doors once its current programme of work promoting the profession in Eastern Europe comes to an end early next year.

The foundation’s executive Sir Peter Kemp, speaking to Accountancy Age, said the group had completed its goals, but he anticipated its activities would continue in some form. ‘There should be a way of continuing to support accountancy and financial management in Eastern Europe,’ he said.

Founded by the English, Scottish and Irish ICAs, and CIPFA, the foundation was established to help create self-sustaining accountancy professions.

In five years, it has outlaid more than £250,000 on some 100 projects in Central and Eastern Europe.

A decision about the foundation’s future activities is expected to be made later this year, Sir Peter said.

‘The foundation has around a year’s worth of work left to complete. I am committed to stay until the end of the current phase of activities,’ he added.

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