‘Unqualified’ tax experts hired by IT contractors

Fears of the implications of controversial tax ruling IR35 has seen many IT
contractors hiring unqualified so-called tax experts to advise them on offering
payroll, invoice, accountancy and tax matters, according to SJD Accountancy.

Tge firm’s managing director, Simon Dolan, said newcomers to contracting were
being hurried by the fear of being caught with no ‘solutions provider’ in the
event of an IR35 investigation.

But, according to Dolan, many of these advisers are not qualified to give

‘Many companies now advertising as ‘tax experts’ are unqualified,’ Simon
Dolan told Contractor UK.

’The person an IT contractor is likely to end up speaking to will be a
salesman, whose sole job is to sell services of the company, and not the correct
solution for that individual’s particular circumstances,’ he said.

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