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Accountancy firm offers online support

Accountancy firm Rickard Keen is to offer clients an online lifeline

Chartered accountants Rickard Keen has launched a web-based accounting system
which will give them direct access to client’s financial information.

The firm, which has offices in Basildon and Southend, will be using online
financial software providers, KashFlow, to provide the link between clients and
accountants. The software allows multiple users to access information
simultaneously to give real time figures.

The latest move means clients of Rickard Keen no longer have to submit
financial data on a quarterly or annual basis but allows accountants to access
the information regularly.

The move will make it easier for accountants at the firm to provide real time
advice as opposed to advice based on historical data.

Darren Clarke, manager of Rickard Keen’s small business unit, said: ‘The main
difference with this system is we can access everyone’s data remotely and review
their finances on a more timely basis, rather than waiting to receive their
manual records.’

‘It’s also a quicker turnaround when completing the client’s year end
accounts, because the information is already in a suitable format for us to
review and use’ adds Clarke.

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