Leader – Are your clients heroes in their own write?

Attention to the content provided to employees and customers seems to be at the top of every webmaster’s “to-do” list. Forget the advertising and hoopla around the content – companies are having to manage and maximise the content itself. We take a look at this practice in detail. The art of structuring content on the web either for the purpose of information or persuasion is being taken very seriously. The job not only requires an appreciation of what happens on-screen, but of how content is stored and prepared for those searching for it.

The serious nature of the work undertaken by consultants working in this field must cheer those who have long suspected that the Internet was becoming the domain of marketeers and modish designers. No longer is it enough for a website to look nice, appear up-to-date and speed along. Content management makes sure that there is a substantial feature that delivers on the trailer.

Content, of course, is not simply a question of text and pictures; streaming video, audio and a host of other embedded technologies must also be managed.

It seems that consultants will need to approach this discipline not only with an appreciation of how text can work in a compelling and lucrative fashion but also with a solid grasp of the technical know-how needed to present it within the usual bandwidth restrictions.

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