Accountancy Age enters the digital Age

Readers can already keep up-to-date with news and analysis each week in Accountancy Age itself as well as breaking news through our website,, and on PDAs.

But from 28 November, Accountancy Age will be available in electronic format. A weekly email will be sent out notifying subscribers that the latest week’s edition is downloadable. Featuring clickable links to background articles and advertiser sites, receiving the electronic edition will ensure you are first with the news as it will be available every Thursday at 00:01.

From 5 December readers in the North West will be able to receive a new monthly edition featuring uniquely tailored financial news, analysis and information about their area. Further regional editions will follow.

And from 12 December, tax specialists will benefit from a monthly electronic edition. Again, other specialist editions will follow.

For more details and to sign up for all products, go to our new subscription site or call 020 7316 9200.

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