Massives pay rises for FTSE100 FDs

Finance directors in the FTSE
have enjoyed a stellar year of spectacular pay increases,
enjoying an average remuneration rise of 22%.

According to research compiled by
KPMG, the
average pay increase for an FD in the top flight was 22%, compared with a meagre
3% rise for chief executives.

FDs who switch jobs are the largest beneficiaries of higher total
compensation, as the responsibility and pressure of the FD role increases. The
merger and acquistion boom has also been cited as a possible reason for the
large pay increases for FDs.

‘Looking at total compensation packages, the trends amongst finance directors
are intriguing: they seem to be commanding a premium. There are a number of
reasons behind this, suggesting that FDs are becoming increasingly valued,’ said
KPMG partner Carl Sjostrom.

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