Criticised companies come top in CSR reporting

A number of criticised companies have come out at the top of a new report
into corporate social responsibility reporting.

British American Tobacco and Royal Dutch Shell have come out on top of a
survey of a report to be published at the end of the week by CSR consultancy
Salter Baxter.

Nestlé, which was previously criticised for its marketing of baby milk, and
mining groups BHP Billiton and Xstrata were among the top European-listed
companies, reported the

The top companies were moving beyond housekeeping to deal with the complex
issues they face.

Nigel Salter, a director at Salter Baxter, said the firm would not work for
BAT but defended the intentions of the report.

Slater said: ‘What we are not trying to do is judge whether they are a good
or bad business. Based on their communications they are talking about real
actions and real activities they are involved in.’

Sir Jonathon Porritt, the chairman of the government’s Sustainable
Development Commission, told the paper: ‘Any case of so-called leading companies
in CSR that includes BAT is a sick joke.’

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