‘Shambolic’ companies bill to meet with new Tory offensive

Debates on the companies bill have been ‘shambolic’,’Tory MP for Putney
Justine Greening has claimed, as she declared that her party are set to push the
issue hard when Parliament reconvenes.

In an interview with Accountancy Age, Greening warned that the
opposition would continue to closely scrutinise the document, which contains
controversial plans to include a ‘reckless’ auditor offence and reform of
auditor liability.

‘It’s worrying just how shambolic the process has been,’ Greening said. ‘The
government had so few of its own committee members turn up to a session [that it
lost a vote on scrutiny].’

‘The government did give additional assurances around the new auditor
offence, but it’s not clear in what instances auditors would have been
prosecuted under this that weren’t possible under laws of negligence,’ she said.

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