Students slam CIPFA over exam error

Students who sat the P1 Information Management and Control paper on 3 December were thrown into panic at the wording of one question where a column of figures was mistakenly headed ‘#s’ instead of units of sales.

Course administrators interrupted the exam to say they had information from CIPFA that a mistake had been printed in question 6. Many students had already attempted the question and did not have time to go back and try it again.

In his official response, CIPFA head of education and training Kenneth Gill said: ‘Verification and proofing procedures will be reviewed in light of the error in the IMC examination.’ But students demanded an explanation as to how the error would be taken into account when marking begins.

P1 student Pamela Trickey, audit assistant at North Tyneside Council, said CIPFA’s response was inadequate. ‘We did not imagine that the question would have incorrect information. It shot our confidence through,’ she said.

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