Business at heart of Tories’ election manifesto

The Tories have pledged to make Britain becomes the best place in the world to start and grow a business in their manifesto, launched today.

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The party has promised to deliver lower taxes, less regulation and a stable economy with low interest rates – saying that the ‘best guarantee of future prosperity is a dynamic economy’.

A Conservative government would also reduce the burdens on business through deregulation. Ministers would ‘negotiate to restore our opt-out from the European Social Chapter and liberate small businesses from jobdestroying employment legislation.

‘We will set regulatory budgets for each department, capping and then cutting the cost of the regulations that they can introduce in any one year. All new regulation will have to have benefits exceeding costs, and regulations will be given “sunset reviews” to check that this remains the case. A Conservative Government will end the elaboration or ‘goldplating’ of EU directives.’

The party also seeks to reclaim its reputation for delivering economic stability. ‘We will maintain the independence of the Bank of England in setting interest rates,’ the manifesto says.

‘We will not join the euro. By keeping the pound as our currency, control of our interest rates will continue to be set to meet the needs of the British economy. As the other major parties are committed to joining the euro, only the Conservatives can make this pledge.

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