Taking Stock – Rake’s march to the top leaves style trailing.

Comfy feet may be the order of the day for the suits at KPMG. While hosting the company’s annual results press conference recently, senior partner Mike Rake was seen sporting a pair of brown suede Hush Puppies – miles from the City-type image he favours. Observers may wonder, why the change of style? Some have speculated KPMG’s top man was making a statement. Now one of the UK’s best paid accountants – Rake earns over £1m, according to the annual report – he might have been embarrassed by the attention. Perhaps he was trying to dress down for the press. Maybe he was trying to impress with his earthiness? It seems not. The man with the tan desert boots was under doctor’s orders. Footsore from improving the firm’s performance, the leader has developed bad feet much in need of a rest from the relentless march to success.

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