Management jobs under threat at Sage

The company said the job losses, to be made at its offices in Newcastle and in Winnersh, Kent, were a result of growth within the company rather than as a result of the state of the economy.

Sage has informed the relevant managers at risk of the possible redundancies and a review is set to continue into next month before any final decisions are made.

An official Sage statement confirming the move said: ‘Sage has experienced rapid growth in recent years, both organically and via acquisitions. In view of this, Sage recognises that it needs to re-evaluate the skills it requires to manage a bigger and more complex organisation.

‘These changes will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the company, particularly in terms of how we continue to manage our continued growth and increasing complexity of our company.’

It added: ‘Sadly up to 30 management positions may be affected in Newcastle. The main areas are marketing, IS, R&D, customer care and some central functions.’

It is hoped a large number of staff will be repositioned within the company.

However, Sage, which employs a total of 3,500 people, remained optimistic for the future despite its share price falling to Pounds 1.50, as technology stocks across the globe continue to suffer. Last year the price reached a high of Pounds 9.50.

It is due to report increased profits in its year end figures, set to be released within the next few weeks.


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