France plans push for common EU corp tax

The French government aims to push plans for the introduction of a common
corporate tax when it takes over the six-month rotating presidency of the EU in

Finance Minister Christine Lagarde told reporters this week the proposal for
a Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base was an idea the French ‘are determined
to push’, according to

Proponents of CCCTB say companies would be able to follow common rules for
calculating the tax base for all their EU-wide activities rather than the
existing 27 systems, which would simplify procedures, improve efficiency and
reduce compliance costs.

But several member states, particularly those with the lowest corporate tax
rates in EU such as Ireland, Estonia and Slovakia are strongly opposed to any
form of harmonisation of EU member state tax regimes, despite assurances no
plans are in the pipeline for harmonising tax rates, which is what these
countries ultimately fear.
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