PwC wins US army training contract

The US Department of the Army has awarded the Big Five firm a contract, worth $27m (£18.7m) over eight years, to build and maintain a web-enabled learning management system to train its soldiers in military specialities.

The internet system will integrate the army’s 400 digital training facilities and allow soldiers to train at home as well as in the classroom.

Ted Wills, partner in the Washington Consulting Practice, said: ‘Through this engagement we will help the Army fulfil its vision of transforming military occupational speciality training and education. The PricewaterhouseCoopers learning management system solution will position the Army with an advanced military resource for the delivery of distance learning.’

PwC will head a team of service and software companies offering software development, integration, system deployment and post-development support for the Army Distance Learning Program.

Soliders are also helped by the firm in obtaining college degrees and certificates through online courses from more than 20 universities and other accredited institutions.


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