C&W backs treatment of accounts

A company spokesman said capacity sales – the exchange of assets with other carriers without money changing hands – were not stated in the accounts as sales.

A note to the London Stock Exchange read: ‘Capacity sales are only treated as such where cash consideration passes and are separately reported in the company’s published accounts.’

The spokesman added: ‘When ASIC queried the Australian subsidiary Optus’ accounting treatment it received multiple opinions which entirely supported the treatment of its accounts.’

He explained that when Optus was owned by C&W, it stated its accounts in Australian GAAP, which is similar to UK standards. But as it is now owned by a Singapore company, the company uses Singapore GAAP, which follow US GAAP.

The clarification comes in response to articles in the Financial Times in which Optus was said to have re-stated its accounts and C&W allegedly used swap deals to boost its accounts.

Yesterday, the telecommunications company’s shares plunged to a ten-year low amid investor worries about C&W’s accounting practices

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