Revenue launches top secret dawn ‘search and seize’ raids

In conjunction with local police, the Revenue is understood to have conducted a number of Section 20(c) ‘Search and Seize’ raids – only conducted when the Revenue suspects serious tax fraud.

For Search and Seize warrants to be issued, considerable research has to be undertaken and the Revenue board and a high court judge have to sign them.

The raids are understood to have centred on an undisclosed company in Nottingham on 13 and 20 January. It is also understood three premises in the Nottingham area, and one each in Leeds and North London were targetted in the operation.

Revenue officials confirmed there had been raids in the Nottingham area at this time but would not reveal the company involved.

News of the raid followed the release of Grabiners report last week, which outlined increased powers for the Revenue to prosecute tax fraudsters.

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