Neither bidder wins National Lottery

Neither Richard Branson’s People’s Lottery or Camelot’s new bid were deemed good enough to secure the licence which would run for the next seven years.

However, Dame Helena Shovelton, chair of the lottery commission and the Audit Commission, said the bidding process will recommence as soon as possible, but with only one bidder – the KPMG-assisted People’s Lottery.

The commission has decided to discuss ways in which the bid could be improved.

Speaking at a press conference, Dame Helena said that the People’s Lottery’s current bid did not sufficently protect the interest of players.

Dame Helena indicated that the recent software problems had shaken public confidence in Camelot’s ability and had contributed to their losing the bid. The Camelot bid was not consistent with statutory duties, said Dame Helena.

However, she did acknowledge Camelot’s task in being the first to run the National Lottery which has contributed over £8bn to charitable causes.

Camelot, the current operator of the National Lottery, could now seek a judicial review.

The current lottery licence continues for another year.

National Lottery commission

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