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Q: Does this acquisition make sense for Sage?

A: Undoubtedly yes. It is getting into the hottest arena out there at the moment. Interact is a well-established and profitable brand and it is good to see a UK business buying a US company.

Q: Was the valuation of the company a little steep?

A: Sage has taken a slight punt on the price it has paid, but obviously hopes market prices have reached the bottom.

Q: Was the deal done purely to maintain share price?

A: In the UK Sage has managed to keep its own valuation very strong as others have dipped. It has bought a number of companies in the last 12 months and has kept its profile up. With this deal, Sage has bought a like-minded solution and there are definite synergies between the companies.

Q: Should we expect more companies to move into CRM?

A: CRM is this year’s hot area and we are likely to see a number of big and medium-sized players making moves into this arena.

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