Third time lucky for e-filing

Revenue officials originally wanted to launch the site in April but software provider EDS was not satisfied with the level of security testing undertaken on the site.

The launch was then put off again last month for the same reason, pushing the delay to three months.

Meanwhile, nervous Revenue staff do not expect to make any official statements about the launch until Wednesday – ‘in case of teething problems’.

‘The self-assesment site is up and running but we will be looking out for any problems during the first week. We are expecting a large initial interest and have over 50,000 people registered with us who wish to file and pay their tax online’, said a Revenue spokeswoman.

It is understood the Revenue is not expecting to publicise the launch with any campaigns. But it remains confident its one-off £10 discount for e-filing self assessment returns and paying tax bills online, will prove tempting to the UK’s nine million taxpayers.

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